Welcome to Windsworth!

Windsworth is a 70-acre hillside holding on the south Cornish coast, with spectacular land and sea views extending for 40 miles. It’s become a private nature reserve and – a long-held secret spot – it’s now a place where you and your family and friends can come and stay in comfort. Offgrid!

(NB don't confuse us with another Windsworth (named as a compliment to our holding!) in St Blazey, near St Austell, 20 miles away)

The Old Coach House

Coach house + studio flat

An old stone-built longhouse that accommodates up to 6 people: as an optional extra,a studio flat for 1 or 2. For details, see The Old Coach House



The house is 300 feet above sea level, and getting down to our half-mile of private beach is quite an adventure!


Coast path

Once you start walking on this ancient footpath… where might it take you?



A classical design, carved into the turf of one of our fields. Walk it and lose yourself in the mysteries of time...


For dogs

A nose-whiffling joyful adventure through woodlands, pastures and down the steep path to our dog-friendly beach.


Nature reserve

We’re turning our pasture and woodland and seashore into a place where wildlife flourishes, from rare butterflies to deer.

A lovely location